Mylaps ChampionChip Timing System - Available technologies

ChampionChip Timing System

ChampionChip Timing System Overview

The introduction of the ChampionChip Timing system, now over 20 years ago, changed the world of running events. Scoring an event with the use of automated timing made the lives of event organizers, sports timers and athletes a lot easier. Our system measures start, split and finish times for every athlete from the moment they pass the start to the moment they pass the finish. Results can be instantly published on paper and scoreboards and be uploaded online. The system can be used for various sports disciplines, including (mass) running events, cycling, swimming and triathlons.

DigiCaseMylaps Portable ChampionChip Timing System – the expert of ‘smaller’ events

This is a simplified and more compact version of the Mylaps ChampionChip System. We suggest using it during smaller events where the number of athletes is only a few hundred. This system also works with the standard Mylaps ChampionChip transponder allowing personal chips to be used here too.

DigiCaseFinish Lynx – the flexible “Photo Finish”

ChampionChip Romania’s photofinish camera takes 1000 pieces of photos every second. With such an unequivocal degree of accuracy the system assists competition judges in making clear and decisive judgements of very high speed and very close finish situations.The system’s built-in sensors do not miss any movement and the equipment can be operated continuously for several days.

DigiCaseMicroGraph – the “pixel” gantry clock

The electromagnetic clock used by our company has a 30 hour built-in accumulator and can receive a remote Start signal from up to 2 km away. The display itself is easily visible from 200 meter away and on the sunniest days. As the display is made of pixels, data can be visualized in between 1-3 rows.

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